Teeth Whitening Altrincham

Achieve a fantastic smile with our home & power whitening treatments.

Are you conscious some or all of your teeth are discoloured or stained?
Do you feel embarrassed to smile?

Tooth whitening is the most conservative and safest way of enhancing your smile. We provide professional teeth whitening to remove stains caused naturally over time and artificially by smoking, coffee and other methods.

There are many methods to whiten your teeth but with our choice of three simple teeth whitening treatments, we balance the colour of your teeth and achieve a naturally whiter smile of up to 10 shades difference.

Our teeth whitening treatments in Altrincham have been proven to work and will leave you with a ravishing smile that extends from one cheek to the other. You’ll feel a new wave of confidence and improved quality of life as a result.

Day White & Nite White

Day White and Nite White involve constructing custom made trays from impressions taken of your teeth and providing you with safe whitening gels to take home. It can be a great alternative for patients who wish to have nice, white smiles but wish to avoid wearing strips to remove the stains.

The gels can be used on a daily basis over night or during the day to whiten the teeth and are considered an extremely home-friendly form of treatment.

This is a very effective form of teeth whitening and usually results in minimal sensitivity. We would review the outcome of your whitening after 2 weeks.

Often patients wish to whiten their teeth after straightening to finish their new smile. With Day White & Night White being treatments that can easily be used at home, it tends to be a popular option for patients.

Enlighten Technology

This procedure is an extremely effective form of teeth whitening.

Again, it involves wearing custom made whitening trays, patented by Enlighten technology. The custom trays are used with Enlighten whitening gels for a period of 2 weeks followed by an in-surgery procedure to boost your final shade.

We have found that this form of whitening can give the best shade change in a 2 week period with minimal sensitivity compared to other whitening procedures.

Results are very stable and shade changes of up to 16 shades can be achieved!



Invisalign is a system of almost invisible clear aligners used to straighten teeth. The treatment consists of wearing a series of Invisalign aligners that you change at home weekly.

The aligners are one of the world’s most advanced clear orthodontic systems available.



We only used the best material and implant systems at Hale Dental and Implant clinic. Nobel Biocare is a world leader in the field of innovative implant-based dental restorations.
They have over 65 years of continuous innovation, all stemming from Per-Ingvar Brånemark’s ground-breaking discovery of osseointegration in 1952. Since then, they have committed to science-backed and forward-looking solutions.

Teeth Whitening

Enlighten is widely acknowledged as the most effective whitening system in the world. It’s the only one that guarantees a Vita shade B1 result for every patient. We are proud users of Enlighten.