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Smile Makeovers

Your Smile, Redesigned

Many people dislike their smiles. If you look in the mirror and always see dental defects, your self-esteem can plummet. You may have crooked, spread out, crowded, discoloured, chipped, or misshapen teeth.

When faced with a single issue, you can get one treatment to fix your smile. But when you have multiple problems, getting the perfect smile may seem out of reach. With our Smile Makeovers, we can redesign and transform your teeth using a carefully choreographed selection of treatments. The result: a smile you’ll love sharing.

The Smile Transformation Journey

What you dislike about your smile is personal—and we want to know all about it. We’ll talk about these problems, and following a thorough smile assessment, we’ll match you up with the right treatments. These could include any combination of teeth straightening, whitening, veneers, or composite bonding.

We’ll time these minimally invasive treatments around each other.


Alignment issues like overcrowding, gaps, and crooked teeth will become a thing of the past with Invisalign. The clear aligner treatment is simple and effective. The discreet and comfortable aligners are barely noticeable; you can even take them out to eat. This makes straightening your teeth feel almost effortless.


The space left after losing a tooth can stand out. We can close the gap with natural-looking bridges or dental implants.


Once we’ve straightened your smile, we can repair any cracks, chips, and uneven teeth using stunning veneers, crowns, or minimally invasive composite bonding.


Say goodbye to staining and discolouration with our powerful professional teeth whitening treatment. With a choice of highly-effective at-home options, Enlighten or Phillips Zoom you can brighten your smile in a way that suits you best.


The Benefits of a Smile Makeover

Your new radiant smile can help you feel better about interactions with others. A Smile Makeover boosts self-esteem, allowing you to live your life as you’ve always wanted.

Although your main motivation for having a Smile Makeover might be aesthetics, there are plenty of other benefits besides improved confidence.

Fixing and straightening your teeth can help prevent tooth decay and infection. Aligning your smile can also reduce potential jaw problems.

Smile Makeovers at Hale Dental

The smile you’ve always dreamt of is achievable. Our Smile Makeovers are genuinely life-changing.

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What Patients Say

It’s totally worth it!

After an accident, poor repair work with bridges left Phil facing difficulties with speech and low on confidence. So how does he rate implants from the Hale Dental team? He says they’re better than the real thing!

Just go for it!

Guy discovered Hale Dental following a recommendation from his dentist. He says implants from Hale Dental have restored his confidence and put a spring back in his step. And the procedure turned out to be much more comfortable than expected.

Can’t help but smile!

Years of dental neglect left Adrienne’s teeth in a poor state, but she didn’t like the idea of living with dentures. She says implants from Hale Dental were worth every penny—and meeting Dr Richard Brookshaw definitely made an impression!


Our 5* Reviews

“Being terrified of dental treatment I can’t say that I was excited at what was to come but, I can wholeheartedly say that Richard and his team made the whole experience calm, friendly, professional and pain free. I felt looked after and had no issues trusting their judgement. I’m very happy with the results and treatment received.”
Laura Duggan
“After many years of avoiding the dentist.. 😱 I finally plucked up the courage and went to Hale Dental and Implants Clinic.. Oh my gosh… We’re they wonderful or what. 🤣 2 appointments 3 fillings and the hygienist and I’m so happy.. Gentle, professional, amazing dental technology equipment.. And I was so relaxed got through it perfectly.. Thank you to you all..”
Linda Ferreira
“I am really impressed with the treatment I had here. I was completely pain free during my implants procedure. The staff are all very professional and caring. I was contacted by Richard and Ed over the following couple of days to ask if everything was ok. Couldn’t speak highly enough of all the staff.”
Linda Prytherch
“Hale dental and implant clinic is probably the best place to visit if you have dental worries. Care and kindness shown to patience is really outstanding and very rare. I thoroughly recommend it…”
Robert Walker
“From a very apprehensive patient I can only say how professional all the staff were and all the way through the procedures details were so clearly explained. One very satisfied patient who would not hesitate to recommend Hale Dental.”
Jean Kehoe
“Never previously used but was put in contact via my dentist due to a problematic implant that was unable to be fixed. Despite being the week before Christmas, they fitted me in at very short notice, everyone was extremely pleasant and professional, from Megan who called to arrange the appointment and welcomed me on site to Richard, the implantologist who explained everything clearly and succinctly. The icing on the cake was that he solved my problem despite the implant system being one he had never encountered previously. Delighted to recommend to any prospective clients. The surgery is very clean, professional and welcoming.”
Tony Wood
“This may seem bizarre but I actually look forward to visiting a Dentist!!! Yes, I know, very strange, however once you visit Hale Dental you will not want to go anywhere else. All of the staff are fabulous. Receptionists, dental nurses, hygienists – all are friendly and welcoming. As for Richard, well he is THE BEST BAR NON. Enough said, I think.”
Carole Craigen
“In need of implants and scared of the whole process, Hale Dental have already made me more comfortable: you know that you are in safe hands.”
Steve Donaldson
“Thank you to all the staff at Hale Dental Clinic who were kind and supportive throughout my treatment. I am really happy with the results and can’t stop smiling.”
M Walll

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