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Same Day Teeth

Same Day Teeth

Same Day Teeth Implants are in fact, exactly how they sound; You can leave the practise the same day with new teeth. It uses four dental implants to support a fixed bridge.

Your same day teeth implant Altrincham surgery is usually performed under a local anaesthetic, although some anxious patients prefer to have sedation to make the procedure more comfortable.

On the day of surgery any remaining teeth will be removed and the bone shaped before implants are placed. The gum is stitched closed but this is all usually tucked away under the bridge once it is fitted. The stitches dissolve in about 3 weeks after the surgery and do not need to be removed.

The first bridge to be fitted is a temporary, prototype bridge – in effect our best guess on the day of surgery following our detailed preparation with the technician. This bridge can be modified over the following months, with decisions being made ahead of making the final bridge about tooth colour, shape and position, ensuring that you end up with the best possible look and feel for your new teeth.

After 6 months the final bridge is made following a series of appointments at which your dentist will remove the temporary bridge, take impressions and other records so that the final bridge can be made to the ideal design for you.

Bone quality and volume

Every same day teeth implant we place needs bone for it to be retained and successful for a useful period of time. Our diagnosis of the bone quality and volume in strategic positions of the mouth has been greatly enhanced by the use of computer aided x-rays (the CT scan, short for Computerised Tomography) which takes a series of slice images and converts them into 3D images on screen. These can be used to view and plan surgical options, removing much of the experience informed guesswork of the past. We can now approach every case with a high degree of confidence that the intended result is achievable, resulting in high success rates for treatment between 95-100%.


Bone grafting

Where bone isn’t available in sufficient volume we have the option to graft bone from elsewhere in the body, or to help the body grow its own new bone with grafting materials. How the body reacts to these techniques is variable, and if we are considering harvesting bone from elsewhere in the body, we have a separate operation site and the associated pros and cons that go along with that procedure to consider.

The development of new techniques, such as the All-on-4 and Zygomatic implant procedures, removes the need for grafting in cases where bone is less than ideal. We can now plan and deliver these cases with a high level of success thanks to access to CT scans and the technical support we have developed here in the UK.


After implant placement surgery

After Implant surgery, some discomfort and swelling is quite normal and to be expected. It varies widely from person to person, but you will need to be prepared for 5-10 days recuperation and we would suggest you avoid any important diary commitments during that time.

The degree of swelling will vary between patients and may also depend on the number of implants placed and whether or not additional surgical procedures were carried out. Occasionally, along with the swelling, there may also be bruising of the skin overlying the area, although this should fade over a week. If you are a smoker or have a pre-existing medical condition that affects soft tissue healing, the amount of swelling may be greater. You may also experience some nasal and/or sinus stuffiness.

In the majority of cases the surgery element of the treatment is completed at this first stage, and no further surgery is required. Occasionally, depending on circumstances discovered at the time of surgery, it may be necessary to modify the plan, and secondary surgical procedures may then be necessary. You will be kept advised of any changes to the plan and how these will affect the progress of your treatment, but remember this is a relatively rare occurrence and surgery is completed in one visit in the majority of cases without complication.

If there are concerns about the healing and integration of one or more of the implants a minor procedure may be required to expose and check for firm, bony attachment. Recovery from these minor procedures is usually uneventful, but you will be advised what to expect in your case should this procedure be necessary.


I am worried dental implants will hurt

Make sure you go for trust and experience. An experienced oral surgeon will provide good local anesthesia. The majority of patients say the treatment is relatively painless.

How much do dental implants cost?

The costs vary considerably. Most dental surgeons will allow you to pay monthly to reduce the initial costs significantly. The price depends on complexity, cosmetic demands and many other factors. To get an implant price from a telephone discussion is not always accurate, so request a free consultation.

Is it expensive?

It is the more expensive aspect of dental treatment. We are replacing all your teeth in the jaw. But if you look after them – you will get many many years of trouble free, natural beautiful teeth.

Am I too old for dental implants?

No. It is very rare to be too old.

I am worried they will fail, is there dental implants insurance?

There is insurance. Many patients contact their insurance broker to discuss options. They are more qualified to give you this advice.

What happens if they fail?

Then can fail but we are so confident we offer a warranty. 5 years. After 5 years you can take out your own insurance.

Will I get screwed in teeth day 1?

Our aim is to do this yes. This means no dentures even during the healing phase.

Will they look fake?

You can have them look as real as you want. As well as picking the colour, shape & size. The finished teeth are handcrafted for you. So extremely natural.

Will I need to take time off work after I have had a permanent tooth implant?

It is rare to have to take time off. As well as this, we can make sure you are not left with a gap during the healing phase.

I have been told I don’t have enough bone. Does that mean I can’t have screw in teeth?

This usually means the All On 4 is suitable for you. The implants and procedure is designed for patients with advanced bone loss.

Same Day Teeth Implants: Treatment cost

With every case there will be a range of options available, with the numbers of surgical procedures necessary, the numbers of implants used, or the choice of materials used for the temporary and final restorations all coming together to give a wide range of treatment costs.

What Patients Say

It’s totally worth it!

After an accident, poor repair work with bridges left Phil facing difficulties with speech and low on confidence. So how does he rate implants from the Hale Dental team? He says they’re better than the real thing!

Just go for it!

Guy discovered Hale Dental following a recommendation from his dentist. He says implants from Hale Dental have restored his confidence and put a spring back in his step. And the procedure turned out to be much more comfortable than expected.

Can’t help but smile!

Years of dental neglect left Adrienne’s teeth in a poor state, but she didn’t like the idea of living with dentures. She says implants from Hale Dental were worth every penny—and meeting Dr Richard Brookshaw definitely made an impression!

Secure and confident

Pauline was fed up with the hassle of wearing dentures, but dentists said her jaw was too weakened to accept implants. Zygomatic implants offered a ray of hope, securing a row of 14 upper teeth permanently in place, and Pauline couldn’t be more pleased with the result!

It’s changed my life!

Geraldine was living with severe periodontal disease, which left her in severe pain and low in self-esteem. But All-on-4 changed everything. Geraldine is one of the many patients with low bone density to receive life-changing implants from hale Dental.


Our 5* Reviews

“On my first visit to Hale Dental I was warmly welcomed and felt relaxed and comfortable. The staff are nurturing and professional. The waiting room has a positive and calm feeling. Jonny has made me feel at ease and in safe hands from the very start; he has a wealth of experience and a kind and gentle focus allowing me to feel confident. I would highly recommend this state of the art dentist where the staff listen and care.”
Paula Lewis
“Absolutely outstanding service and experience. My daughter’s teeth look amazing. The personal care and attention she received during her Invisalign treatment was fabulous. Great options for appointments and could not be happier. My other daughter went to Turret and our experience was polar opposite. Hale dental were great and took her treatment over too for a small cost to correct the outcome we were left with from Turret. Couldn’t recommend Hale Dental more highly.”
Andrea Sennett
“Being terrified of dental treatment I can’t say that I was excited at what was to come but, I can wholeheartedly say that Richard and his team made the whole experience calm, friendly, professional and pain free. I felt looked after and had no issues trusting their judgement. I’m very happy with the results and treatment received.”
Laura Duggan
“My local Dentist recommended I consult Richard and the Team at Hale Dental & Implant Clinic regarding issues I was having with an old implant. Despite being officially closed over the Christmas / New Year period, Richard reviewed X-rays and photos of my teeth and arranged to see me at the earliest opportunity. I subsequently received treatment that was simply first class in all aspects and have no hesitation is recommending to others.”
Graeme Freear
“I have been in business for many years and I have never found such a business whereby every single person from top to bottom have such quality!! They are efficient, effective and extremely friendly. They actually care about people and I only wish that the rest of our country could operate in such a manner.”
Colin Owen
“Very professional team & service, hygiene 10+ Very welcoming, very efficient and would highly recommend. Thanks to all of you 😊”
Shirley Crompton
“Hale dental and implant clinic is probably the best place to visit if you have dental worries. Care and kindness shown to patience is really outstanding and very rare. I thoroughly recommend it…”
Robert Walker
“I found Hale Dental to a very Professional practice and the premises are very clean. The practice has all the latest equipment and experience which meant that they were able to deal with all my dental needs. The staff were also both very efficient and polite. I was kept informed with every stage of my treatment plan and I found the treatment to be competitively priced.”
Andy Gee
Really happy with the service provided, special thank you to Nina, who was really patient with me (I am a very nervous customer). This is not the first time I attend Hale Dental, considering it is quite far from where I live, I will still be using their services. Highly recommend.”

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