General Dental Care

We’re not just about Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant procedures.

At Hale Dental and Implant Clinic we provide the highest level of dental care for all the family including consultations, regular health checks (mouth cancer and jaw joint check) and x-rays as well as routine dental care such as fillings and hygiene care. Our team is committed to your oral health and wellbeing, not just in the short term, but for life.

We are a mercury free practice and do not place silver fillings (amalgam). White (tooth coloured) fillings, also known as composites have advanced incredibly over the last 10 years. They are aesthetically pleasing and extremely conservative. We use the latest layering techniques allow the restoration to mimic the layers that occur naturally in our own teeth, now make the filling indiscernible from your original tooth, with virtually seamless finishing.

Due to the durability and strength they now have, they are considered a real alternative to other unsightly fillings. This results in a filling that is as durable as conventional amalgam fillings but with the added advantage of improved appearances.

Working and diagnosing decay under a magnification gives us a massive advantage. In many cases we can find cavities when they are very small and can be cured with a minimal bonding procedure, furthermore we will use all of the preventative measures and materials available to prevent decay forming and progressing.


Invisalign is a system of almost invisible clear aligners used to straighten teeth. The treatment consists of wearing a series of Invisalign aligners that you change at home weekly.

The aligners are one of the world’s most advanced clear orthodontic systems available.



We only used the best material and implant systems at Hale Dental and Implant clinic. Nobel Biocare is a world leader in the field of innovative implant-based dental restorations.
They have over 65 years of continuous innovation, all stemming from Per-Ingvar Brånemark’s ground-breaking discovery of osseointegration in 1952. Since then, they have committed to science-backed and forward-looking solutions.

Teeth Whitening

Enlighten is widely acknowledged as the most effective whitening system in the world. It’s the only one that guarantees a Vita shade B1 result for every patient. We are proud users of Enlighten.