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Dental implants FAQs

I am worried dental implants will hurt

Make sure you go for trust and experience. An experienced oral surgeon will provide good local anesthesia. The majority of patients say the treatment is relatively painless.

How much do dental implants cost?

The costs vary considerably. Most dental surgeons will allow you to pay monthly to reduce the initial costs significantly. The price depends on complexity, cosmetic demands and many other factors. To get an implant price from a telephone discussion is not always accurate, so request a free consultation.

Is it expensive?

It is the more expensive aspect of dental treatment. We are replacing all your teeth in the jaw. But if you look after them – you will get many many years of trouble free, natural beautiful teeth.

Am I too old for dental implants?

No. It is very rare to be too old.

I am worried they will fail, is there dental implants insurance?

There is insurance. Many patients contact their insurance broker to discuss options. They are more qualified to give you this advice.

What happens if they fail?

Then can fail but we are so confident we offer a warranty. 5 years. After 5 years you can take out your own insurance.

Will I get screwed in teeth day 1?

Our aim is to do this yes. This means no dentures even during the healing phase.

Will they look fake?

You can have them look as real as you want. As well as picking the colour, shape & size. The finished teeth are handcrafted for you. So extremely natural.

Will I get screwed in teeth day 1?

Our aim is to do this yes. This means no dentures even during the healing phase.

Will I need to take time off work after I have had a permanent tooth implant?

It is rare to have to take time off. As well as this, we can make sure you are not left with a gap during the healing phase.

I have been told I don’t have enough bone. Does that mean I can’t have screw in teeth?

This usually means the All On 4 is suitable for you. The implants and procedure is designed for patients with advanced bone loss.

Will I get food stuck under the bridge?

Like your normal teeth, the bridges need cleaning regularly.


Our 5* Reviews

“This may seem bizarre but I actually look forward to visiting a Dentist!!! Yes, I know, very strange, however once you visit Hale Dental you will not want to go anywhere else. All of the staff are fabulous. Receptionists, dental nurses, hygienists – all are friendly and welcoming. As for Richard, well he is THE BEST BAR NON. Enough said, I think.”
Carole Craigen
“From a very apprehensive patient I can only say how professional all the staff were and all the way through the procedures details were so clearly explained. One very satisfied patient who would not hesitate to recommend Hale Dental.”
Jean Kehoe
“I would highly recommend Hale dental to everyone. The staff are professional, highly skilled, friendly and courteous. I had some serious dental work carried out and the standard of the work is amazing. I had no pain and the standard of care is second to none . I can only say top class and would recommend the skills of this practice from initial consultation to the finished product.”
Paul Sheehy
“On my first visit to Hale Dental I was warmly welcomed and felt relaxed and comfortable. The staff are nurturing and professional. The waiting room has a positive and calm feeling. Jonny has made me feel at ease and in safe hands from the very start; he has a wealth of experience and a kind and gentle focus allowing me to feel confident. I would highly recommend this state of the art dentist where the staff listen and care.”
Paula Lewis
“Hale dental and implant clinic is probably the best place to visit if you have dental worries. Care and kindness shown to patience is really outstanding and very rare. I thoroughly recommend it…”
Robert Walker
“One of the best dentists I have ever been to. From check-in the reception staff were super friendly and knowledgable. Then the dentist was amazing – he explained everything and did lots to make sure I felt comfortable. He even took photos and showed where and why I might require treatment. I had fillings put in and it was a good experience. Will be visiting here again next time I need any dental work”
Jay Sondhi
“Great service overall, pre-surgery appointments, the surgery day itself and post-surgery care. Very well handled by Richard, Jonny and team.”
Yannis Nicolaidis
“..Sophie is a lovely, gentle, professional and talented lady, and I am so incredibly pleased with the small (yet amazing) change she’s made to my smile! I keep smiling at myself in the mirror!! 🤣 I feel like I want to return because it was a lovely experience, but I have nothing to return for. You can even watch TV whilst having treatment, there is a TV on the ceiling! I feel this would help to relax nervous patients. I will be referring anyone I know to Sophie, because I’d know that they are in safe hands..”
Amy Bradley
“I was recommended by my Dentist to Richard who I found very caring and professional.Everything was explained about the procedure for my implant and post surgery and felt no pain throughout the surgery.Also a thanks to Louise and supporting staff who were most friendly.I would highly recommend this Practice.”
Andrew Fazakerley

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