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All on 4 Dental Implants Altrincham

All on 4 Dental Implants

The All on 4 implant procedure is now a well-established treatment concept with more than 25 years of published research.

The concept was developed for efficiency, with the ability to restore an entire arch (jaw) of the teeth using a minimal number of implants as possible for the procedure. It also enables the bridge to be fitted to the implants the exact same day.

Traditional implant treatments tend to require more than 4 implants to restore the entire jaw and healing times tend to take longer when a bridge is unable to be fitted. Our All on 4 dental implant procedure involves placing 4 implants, as the name suggests, and using these to support a bridge carrying 12 or more teeth. The first two implants are fitted directly into the front of the jaw at a 90-degree angle, while the other 2 implants are placed further back in the jaw at 30 to 45-degree angles. This creates a bracing support for the implants and jaw bone.

The All-on-4 treatment is well supported by the literature and clinical evidence, and we offer this treatment with confidence for our patients. Success rates above 96% are reported, and we confidently offer free replacement in the unlikely event of a failed implant.


Implant treatment

Although implant surgery is usually performed under a local anaesthetic, for added comfort some patients prefer complete sedation which can be an option.

On the day of your surgery, we’ll remove any remaining teeth so the bone can be shaped and the implants can be placed. Once this has happened, the gum is stitched closed but fitted to tuck away underneath the bridge so it’s not visible. As its fitted with dissolvable stitches you should expect them to become invisible after 3 weeks of the surgery and they won’t need to be manually removed.

We’ll start by fitting your first bridge which is a temporary prototype bridge which will be the prediction based on the detailed preparation that will be conducted with the technician. The prototype allows time for modification over the following months including your tooth colour, shape and position ahead of making your eventual final bridge. This means you can end up with the ideal teeth that you want.

Around 6 months we’d expect your temporary bridge to be removed after a series of appointments. Impressions will be taken amongst other records to ensure your final bridge can be made to your ideal design.

Benefits of All-on 4 Treatment

There are several advantages that you can gain from All-on 4 treatment including:

The treatment only requires 4 implants, compared to more in a traditional dental implant procedure

A fixed bridge is provided on the day and removable dentures are not required to be worn whilst your teeth heal

It can reduce the need for bone grafting and sinus lifts & prevents further jaw bone loss

Improves speech and overall functionality

After implant placement surgery

Expectedly, you will feel some discomfort and swelling after the implant surgery so give yourself at least 5-10 days to recover. This can vary from person to person but it’s advised to avoid making diary commitments during this time just in case.

How much swelling occurs varies from patient to patient. If you have several implants or require any surgical procedure then this will contribute to the amount of swelling you have. There can also be occasions where along with the swelling, you may experience bruising of the skin in the area but over a week this should fade. Swelling could be greater if you are a regular smoker or have a pre-existing medical condition related to soft tissue healing. There may also be some nasal and/or sinus issues that you experience.

For the majority of cases, we should expect the surgery element of the treatment to be completed at the first stage and then no further surgery should be required. If necessary secondary procedures may be needed if there are new discoveries made at the time of surgery, in which case the original plan discussed before the surgery may need to be modified. It’s important to remember that this is a relatively rare occurrence and you will be advised of any changes to the plan ahead of time so you’re aware of how this will affect the progress of your treatment. In the majority of the cases, the treatment is completed within one visit without complication.

To ensure that the treatment is conducted safely, minor procedures may be required to expose and check for firm, bony attachment so concerns are reduced about healing and the fitting of more or one implant. Recovery is largely uneventful from these minor procedures but if you’re expected to have these you’ll be advised of what to expect beforehand.

What Patients Say

It’s totally worth it!

After an accident, poor repair work with bridges left Phil facing difficulties with speech and low on confidence. So how does he rate implants from the Hale Dental team? He says they’re better than the real thing!

Just go for it!

Guy discovered Hale Dental following a recommendation from his dentist. He says implants from Hale Dental have restored his confidence and put a spring back in his step. And the procedure turned out to be much more comfortable than expected.

Can’t help but smile!

Years of dental neglect left Adrienne’s teeth in a poor state, but she didn’t like the idea of living with dentures. She says implants from Hale Dental were worth every penny—and meeting Dr Richard Brookshaw definitely made an impression!


Our 5* Reviews

“The Hale Dental and Implant Clinic is excellent and offers very friendly and professional services, based on advanced modern techniques, in recently refurbished facilities, centrally located in Hale. I am very happy with it and grateful for the attentive and competent care received.”
Maria Hooper
“I would highly recommend Hale dental to everyone. The staff are professional, highly skilled, friendly and courteous. I had some serious dental work carried out and the standard of the work is amazing. I had no pain and the standard of care is second to none . I can only say top class and would recommend the skills of this practice from initial consultation to the finished product.”
Paul Sheehy
“Never previously used but was put in contact via my dentist due to a problematic implant that was unable to be fixed. Despite being the week before Christmas, they fitted me in at very short notice, everyone was extremely pleasant and professional, from Megan who called to arrange the appointment and welcomed me on site to Richard, the implantologist who explained everything clearly and succinctly. The icing on the cake was that he solved my problem despite the implant system being one he had never encountered previously. Delighted to recommend to any prospective clients. The surgery is very clean, professional and welcoming.”
Tony Wood
“Myself and my family have been attending Hale dentist from when they first opened ,they have done so much for my teeth I can’t thank them enough especially Richard who has done so much to gelp restore my teeth , his skills in dentistry is second to none i would never trust anyone else , the staff are all so helpful and friendly especially Bernadette who works on reception i feel I’ve known her all my life , if your looking for a dentist to give you back your smile then Hale Dentist is the place to go , thank you to you all .”
Sues Florist
“I have a phobia of the dentist after previous bad experiences. Dentist Sophie is amazing. I wouldn’t see anyone else. She now looks after my little boys teeth too and is great with him. The hygienist is brilliant too, talked to me step by step about what was happening and what I could do better to keep my teeth healthy. All the staff at Hale are really friendly and welcoming. The ladies on the desk are always really kind to my little boy. Thanks to everyone and we look forward to our next visit.”
Julie Page
“I had reached 61 years of age and never had my teeth received the priority they required. Work, children and wider family had always come first. As a result I presented Jonathan Crockett with quite a mess to fix which he and his assistants then set about methodically. It required lots of new and replacement crowns, one extraction and an implant. And now I have no discomfort and a nice white smile. I happily recommend Jonathan Crockett both for his expertise and gentle good humour. And let’s not forget Diane Hunter, the dental hygienist, who is wonderful beyond measure.”
Andrew Hay
“Great service overall, pre-surgery appointments, the surgery day itself and post-surgery care. Very well handled by Richard, Jonny and team.”
Yannis Nicolaidis
“On my first visit to Hale Dental I was warmly welcomed and felt relaxed and comfortable. The staff are nurturing and professional. The waiting room has a positive and calm feeling. Jonny has made me feel at ease and in safe hands from the very start; he has a wealth of experience and a kind and gentle focus allowing me to feel confident. I would highly recommend this state of the art dentist where the staff listen and care.”
Paula Lewis
“Nothing but praises for the professionals at Hale Dental Clinic. My case was a bit complicated – had to get dental implants. The thought of it sent shivers down my spine. But the team, my goodness, they made the whole experience practically painless. From the first consultation to the aftercare, everything was just spot-on. They took their time to explain every step, answering all my questions, putting my fears to rest. The environment was calming, and the staff, incredibly welcoming. For anyone who’s been putting off getting their dental issues sorted due to fear, Hale Dental Clinic is the place to go.”
Rasla Mero

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