Root Canal Treatment in Altrincham

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is required when the blood or nerve supply to the tooth has been affected by trauma, infection or decay. This may or may not be accompanied by symptoms of pain.

It’s important to tackle any mouth or tooth canal issues as soon as possible. If the tooth is left without treatment, it can lead to further infection and become extremely painful.

If you’re experiencing extreme tooth pain, then it’s likely you require root canal treatment. Teeth can be very vulnerable to requiring root canal treatment if your tooth is damaged, cracked, filled with decay, or experienced a form of trauma.

When would Root Canal treatment be required?

Inside each tooth is the pulp, which provides the nutrients (in the blood supply) and nerves to the tooth. It appears like a thread running through the tooth. Depending on the tooth anatomy will dictate the number of roots the tooth has and therefore the number of canals present. When the pulp becomes diseased or infected due to various events, it dies.

When this occurs, you may not experience pain initially but changes to the colour of the tooth where it becomes darker can be a telltale sign that your tooth is at risk of dying. If this is left too long for root canal treatment, it can be painful to rectify and it could lead to tooth loss or tooth abscess.

What does the treatment involve?

Root canal treatment aims to remove the infection from your teeth before sealing it up again to ensure that the root of your tooth can be protected and your overall oral health can be maintained. 

Before we begin the treatment, an x-ray is first used to examine the amount of infection you have in your tooth. Once you’re fully anaesthetised, your dentist will begin the process of the root canal treatment.

At this stage the pulp will then be removed, the canals cleaned and the tooth sealed. The tooth may then be crowned in order to protect it, depending on the amount of tooth structure that is remaining but this will normally be completed in another visit after the treatment.

Who will perform my procedure?

At Hale Dental, we have an extremely qualified team who can conduct each of our services at the highest quality.

Treatments completed by Sophie. 


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