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Crowns and Bridges

Natural-Looking Dental Restorations

Severely damaging or losing teeth can impact your life significantly.

We take our smiles for granted, but everything changes when an accident or disease hits. Losing prominent teeth may make you self-conscious, and you may even have to adjust your entire diet.

This loss or damage can have a knock-on effect on the rest of your mouth. Damaged teeth are especially prone to infection, and gaps are hard to clean, making tooth decay and gum disease greater concerns.

Using crowns and bridges, we’ll not only restore the function of your teeth, but they’ll look great too. Crowns cap damaged teeth, while bridges fill the gaps left by those you’ve lost.


The Benefits of Dental Crowns

Whether your tooth is damaged due to trauma, decay, or disease, we can often preserve it using a dental crown. We also use crowns to cap a dental implant, providing a complete restoration when you’ve lost the entire tooth.

There are metal, resin, and porcelain crowns; all options have several fantastic benefits. Metal crowns are typically used to replace rear molars and are out of sight. These are strong, long-lasting, and built for the task of chewing.

Porcelain crowns look just like the real thing. We’ll place crowns that match the colour and shape of your existing teeth perfectly. The results are seamless, helping you rebuild lost confidence. Not only that, but porcelain crowns are also hard-wearing.

Resin crowns look great. They match the appearance of your natural teeth well. This cost-effective solution doesn’t quite offer the same level of durability, so it may need replacing earlier.

Once in place, your crown will stop the tooth below from receiving further damage. Having a protective shell in place will prevent bacteria from entering any compromised areas of your tooth, reducing the need for a root canal treatment in the future.

How We Place Crowns

The coronation process has several key stages. Before your treatment, we’ll talk you through what you can expect and answer any questions to help you feel at ease.


Before we do anything, we need to ensure that a crown is right for you. We’ll assess the tooth receiving the restoration and talk you through the various options available to you.


To get your tooth ready for your new crown, we may need to reshape it slightly. Once we’ve done this, we’ll take impressions of the tooth, which is then sent to the lab for the crown to be made.


Once your bespoke crown is ready, we’ll place it. We’ll firmly bond this to your tooth so you can bite, chew, and smile as normal.


The Benefits of Bridges

A dental bridge spans the gap left by one or more missing teeth. Every bridge we place is designed so that your new replacement teeth get support from the remaining teeth nearby.

By placing a bridge, we’ll restore the function of your teeth while improving the appearance of your smile. Eating and smiling aren’t the only benefits of dental bridges.

Once in place, a bridge will hold the remaining teeth on either side in place. When you lose teeth, it’s often common for neighbouring teeth to start to drift or become misaligned. Placing a dental bridge preserves your full smile.

By filling the gap with a bridge, brushing also becomes easier, cutting down the risk of disease and decay.

Finding the Right Bridge

There are a few commonly-used bridge options. The right choice for you will depend on how many teeth we’re replacing and the condition of your neighbouring teeth.

Traditional Bridges

A traditional dental bridge consists of one or more replacement teeth called ‘pontics’ flanked on either side by crowns. These crowns are then placed on healthy neighbouring teeth. This type of restoration is usually made of a combination of porcelain and metal. Once placed, nobody will even know they’re not your natural teeth.

Maryland Bridges

Where traditional bridges use crowns placed onto your neighbouring natural teeth, Maryland bridges are supported with metal wings that are attached behind the teeth using composite resin. This subtle restoration is quick and easy to place.

Cantilever Bridges

Sometimes, it’s only possible to support a pontic from one side. Instead of placing two crowns, we’ll just use one.

Building Bridges

We’ll place your bridge in several stages. Ahead of the process, we’ll let you know exactly what you can expect.


We’ll perform an initial assessment to determine which type of bridge best suits your needs. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and learn more about the procedure.


Before placing your bridge, we’ll have to prepare the supporting teeth. To do this, we may need to take a small portion of enamel away to make way for any crowns. We’ll take impressions at this point so that the lab can craft a bespoke bridge that perfectly fits the look of your smile.


Once your bridge is ready, we’ll place it. We’ll firmly cement your bridge in place so it looks great and allows you to enjoy all your favourite meals with confidence.

Crowns and Bridges at Hale

Dental crowns and bridges are life-changing restorations. At Hale, we’ve placed countless smile-enhancing bridges and crowns, restoring confidence and function to the mouths of many.

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What Patients Say

It’s totally worth it!

After an accident, poor repair work with bridges left Phil facing difficulties with speech and low on confidence. So how does he rate implants from the Hale Dental team? He says they’re better than the real thing!

Just go for it!

Guy discovered Hale Dental following a recommendation from his dentist. He says implants from Hale Dental have restored his confidence and put a spring back in his step. And the procedure turned out to be much more comfortable than expected.

Can’t help but smile!

Years of dental neglect left Adrienne’s teeth in a poor state, but she didn’t like the idea of living with dentures. She says implants from Hale Dental were worth every penny—and meeting Dr Richard Brookshaw definitely made an impression!


Our 5* Reviews

“This may seem bizarre but I actually look forward to visiting a Dentist!!! Yes, I know, very strange, however once you visit Hale Dental you will not want to go anywhere else. All of the staff are fabulous. Receptionists, dental nurses, hygienists – all are friendly and welcoming. As for Richard, well he is THE BEST BAR NON. Enough said, I think.”
Carole Craigen
“Over the course of the previous 3 months, I’ve been undergoing cosmetic treatment at Hale Dental Clinic. I must say it has been the most pleasant time; watching as my uneven, slightly yellowed teeth have transformed in to an unrecognisable, unbowed, white smile that I never thought I’d have. The treatment was performed by the delightful Sophie Parker. Sophie is a master of the field, who has not only provided me with stellar results, but also with a genuinely friendly, amazing, personal service. Thank you so much again Sophie and Hale Dental clinic. If and when I require further treatment, you are the only place on my list.”
Matthew Whiteside
“Many thanks to Dr. Bradshaw and staff at Hale Dental Clinic for all their help with my emergency at very short notice. It was very much appreciated. Thank you.”
Edward Benham
“I have been attending The Hale Dental and Implant Clinic for years! I travel a long distance to attend and would not feel comfortable going to anyone else, especially as they know and understand my dental history! I have always received excellent care within a professional, caring and friendly environment!”
Janie Brownson
“Super professional friendly and Covid safe environment. All staff makes me feel welcome and treats me like vip patient. Booking procedure smooth and reminder email/ text of my appointments, “ never a problem” attitude to changes or re-schedule appointment. A special mention to Bernadette, Nina, Sophie, Richard and the ladies assisting during treatment. If you visit Hale Dental , you never fear going to the dentist again.”
Valeria Palladi
“Being terrified of dental treatment I can’t say that I was excited at what was to come but, I can wholeheartedly say that Richard and his team made the whole experience calm, friendly, professional and pain free. I felt looked after and had no issues trusting their judgement. I’m very happy with the results and treatment received.”
Laura Duggan
“We have had nothing but good experience with Hale Dental. All the dentists and staff are very supportive, efficient and friendly. Our daughter had to have an extraction to allow further orthodontist work and Richard handled it very smoothly. Our daughter recovered very quickly with very little discomfort. Couldn’t recommend Hale Dental more highly.”
Jonathan Rowley-Fox
“I went to Hale based on a recommendation, to have Invisalign treatment. For over 40 years I had horrendously crooked teeth with one front tooth pointing backwards at a sharp angle. From the point of initial consultation and contact Megan, Sophie and the team have been outstanding. The treatment was fully explained, every step of the way. Each session has been done in minutes and no question is too much. I always get a great explanation of what each session will do. I’m now nearing the end and starting to whiten whilst using the final finishing aligners. My teeth? I’m absolutely delighted and I’m not finished yet.”
Mark Stanton
“From a very apprehensive patient I can only say how professional all the staff were and all the way through the procedures details were so clearly explained. One very satisfied patient who would not hesitate to recommend Hale Dental.”
Jean Kehoe

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