Dental Crowns Altrincham

A Crown is a cap, cover or restoration to replace the missing portion of a tooth.

Reasons to consider dental crown fittings

There are many indications for crowning a tooth. These can be due to aesthetic considerations but most are due to a lack of remaining tooth structure. You may need a dental crown procedure for one of the following possible reasons:

– If you need to protect a tooth from further decay or because it has a crack and it needs holding together

– You want to have a cosmetic modification

– You have a broken or damaged tooth that you wish to restore

– A severely discoloured tooth requires covering

– A dental implant needs covering

– A dental bridge needs to be held in place

If a tooth is broken down or heavily filled, the crown is placed to protect the tooth from the high biting forces we exert on our teeth whilst eating.

What are they made of?

Not all dental crown fittings are the same, the preparation shape, material and bonding procedure can vary. We provide gold crowns, porcelain bonded to gold crowns as well as the latest in the metal free alternatives that give truly lifelike results. Each of the crowns have their own features.

Porcelain bonded crowns: If you require an option where the crown needs to have added strength but also have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, porcelain bonded crowns can help to achieve this. It has a metal base where the porcelain is applied in layers to it.

The latest advances in porcelain allow light to transmit through the crown, thereby creating a restoration that is undetectable from the other natural teeth in your smile. With the absence of any metal core on the inside of the crown, there will be no more telltale grey lines that are usually seen with the older metal-ceramic crowns.


Invisalign is a system of almost invisible clear aligners used to straighten teeth. The treatment consists of wearing a series of Invisalign aligners that you change at home weekly.

The aligners are one of the world’s most advanced clear orthodontic systems available.



We only used the best material and implant systems at Hale Dental and Implant clinic. Nobel Biocare is a world leader in the field of innovative implant-based dental restorations.
They have over 65 years of continuous innovation, all stemming from Per-Ingvar Brånemark’s ground-breaking discovery of osseointegration in 1952. Since then, they have committed to science-backed and forward-looking solutions.

Teeth Whitening

Enlighten is widely acknowledged as the most effective whitening system in the world. It’s the only one that guarantees a Vita shade B1 result for every patient. We are proud users of Enlighten.