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We’re located just a few miles from Bowdon, Greater Manchester and are delighted to have so many patients visit us from the area for general and cosmetic dental services.

We’ve made this page to help you find our most popular services. If you’re looking for help with anything else, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

General Dental Care Bowdon

If you’re looking for general dental services such as check-ups, oral cancer checks, extractions, fillings and so on, we can help. Please visit our general dental page for more details.

Dental Implants Bowdon

If you have one or more missing teeth, or need a stable, permanent method to secure dentures in place, our dental implants service is one of the most respected in the UK.

Invisalign Bowdon

We offer Invisalign treatment – the discreet teeth straightening method for adults and teens that replaces old-fashioned metal train-track braces with clear aligners.

Composite Bonding Bowdon

Composite bonding, also known as dental or cosmetic bonding, is where a coloured resin is applied to the teeth to improve their appearance – covering up cracks, chips and discolouration. Once applied it is shaped and hardened to look like your natural teeth. Bonding requires no anaesthetic and there are no permanent changes to your teeth’s shape or structure.

Root Canal Treatment Bowdon

Root Canal Treatment (RCT or endodontics) is effective at treating bacterial infection within the tooth. When done in a timely manner, a root canal can save you having a tooth extracted and leaving a gap that may need to be filled with a dental implant, bridge or other appliance.

Veneers Bowdon

Dental veneers are thin covers made from either porcelain or composite material that are placed over the teeth to improve the aesthetics of your smile and to protect the tooth beneath. They can cover discolouration, gaps and other issues.

If you’re looking for porcelain veneers Bowdon, you can find information on the same page.

Teeth Whitening Bowdon

We offer both in-practice and at-home teeth whitening solutions for patients looking for a fresher, healthier, more youthful-looking smile.

Dental Crowns Bowdon

A dental crown is a tooth-shape cap that is fitted over a damaged tooth. Crowns protect, cover and restore your teeth when fillings aren’t enough.

Inlays/Onlays Bowdon

Inlays and onlays are created in a dental lab and are similar to fillings in that that are used to fix damaged teeth. Inlays and onlays are stronger and longer-lasting than fillings, preserve the integrity of the tootht better and are also more aesthetically-pleasing than fillings because they match the colour of your teeth. Many patients are now having their old fillings replaced with inlays and/or onlays.

Dental Hygienist Bowdon

Dental hygiene treatments are not only good for your oral health but also your confidence. You can leave our practice with fresh breath, a whiter smile and more confidence after a thorough hygiene appointment.


Our 5* Reviews

“Myself and my family have been attending Hale dentist from when they first opened ,they have done so much for my teeth I can’t thank them enough especially Richard who has done so much to gelp restore my teeth , his skills in dentistry is second to none i would never trust anyone else , the staff are all so helpful and friendly especially Bernadette who works on reception i feel I’ve known her all my life , if your looking for a dentist to give you back your smile then Hale Dentist is the place to go , thank you to you all .”
Sues Florist
“I would highly recommend Hale dental to everyone. The staff are professional, highly skilled, friendly and courteous. I had some serious dental work carried out and the standard of the work is amazing. I had no pain and the standard of care is second to none . I can only say top class and would recommend the skills of this practice from initial consultation to the finished product.”
Paul Sheehy
“I went to Hale based on a recommendation, to have Invisalign treatment. For over 40 years I had horrendously crooked teeth with one front tooth pointing backwards at a sharp angle. From the point of initial consultation and contact Megan, Sophie and the team have been outstanding. The treatment was fully explained, every step of the way. Each session has been done in minutes and no question is too much. I always get a great explanation of what each session will do. I’m now nearing the end and starting to whiten whilst using the final finishing aligners. My teeth? I’m absolutely delighted and I’m not finished yet.”
Mark Stanton
“I have been attending The Hale Dental and Implant Clinic for years! I travel a long distance to attend and would not feel comfortable going to anyone else, especially as they know and understand my dental history! I have always received excellent care within a professional, caring and friendly environment!”
Janie Brownson
“My first visit to the clinic was very positive. I am extremely anxious at dental appointments but they were so patient with me. Everything was done to minimise my anxiety. I feel confident going ahead now, with a full programme of implant work in the next few months. This is a huge step for me and I have full confidence in the team I met at the clinic who explained the whole procedure to me. Thank you! This dentophobe is actually looking forward to starting treatment.”
Diana Lorenz
“Never previously used but was put in contact via my dentist due to a problematic implant that was unable to be fixed. Despite being the week before Christmas, they fitted me in at very short notice, everyone was extremely pleasant and professional, from Megan who called to arrange the appointment and welcomed me on site to Richard, the implantologist who explained everything clearly and succinctly. The icing on the cake was that he solved my problem despite the implant system being one he had never encountered previously. Delighted to recommend to any prospective clients. The surgery is very clean, professional and welcoming.”
Tony Wood
“After many years of avoiding the dentist.. 😱 I finally plucked up the courage and went to Hale Dental and Implants Clinic.. Oh my gosh… We’re they wonderful or what. 🤣 2 appointments 3 fillings and the hygienist and I’m so happy.. Gentle, professional, amazing dental technology equipment.. And I was so relaxed got through it perfectly.. Thank you to you all..”
Linda Ferreira
“We have had nothing but good experience with Hale Dental. All the dentists and staff are very supportive, efficient and friendly. Our daughter had to have an extraction to allow further orthodontist work and Richard handled it very smoothly. Our daughter recovered very quickly with very little discomfort. Couldn’t recommend Hale Dental more highly.”
Jonathan Rowley-Fox
“Thank you to all the staff at Hale Dental Clinic who were kind and supportive throughout my treatment. I am really happy with the results and can’t stop smiling.”
M Walll

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